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The part of the article which I found to be most fascinating was the section about the most typical burglar. Before reading this I would have thought that there was likely not much in the way of common characteristics among these criminals. However, the author contends that stats show they are in their mid to late teens and they typically target homes which are located just a few miles from their own. The author also points out that it is highly unlikely your home will ever be burglarized or targeted by a professional. This also another of my questions, which is why would someone even attempt this type of crime in a state which classifies the crime as a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor. I found this piece really interesting on a couple of levels.


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If you submit a web form expect a call from the company in about 2 minutes or less, and if you miss that call expect several follow ups throughout the day and for the next week. For this reason, we recommend directly dialing a security company so that you are having the conversation on your time and not when they finally get a hold of you. This will also allow you to schedule a follow up call or ask to be removed from their system should you decide you are not quite ready to buy or that you do not want to go with the company. Once you are on the call it’s time to utilize the list of “requirements” you built out. The rep will capture your information, name, address, phone number and email almost immediately. In some cases it is difficult to proceed without providing this information. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO PURCHASE. Many companies will then want to determine what has you interested in home security as well as your needs. From this point the call can vary depending on the company you’ve reached out to and if they offer self install or a technician installed system. With so many companies offering very similar systems your research should focus first on your needs and second the intangibles, what makes owning a system a benefit instead of a headache?If you’ve been following our process you have already identified your needs and are ready to start exploring companies. Our directory can help.